Welcome to OPI3, the Open Source OPI server.

OPI3 is an OPI server offered under the GPL as Free Software

The main developer is Marcus Warga with support of some ideas and scripts of Volker Birk. Benjamin Heitmann was scripting the first version of the autoconf things.

Of course, everyone would be pleased if some other people will join in. So feel free to contact us, if you are planning to help.

Project status

Until now, OPI3 is working and nicely stable. It supports OPI 1.3 as well as OPI 2.0. There is no color management support yet, but ICC information is being passed through.

Supported platforms

OPI3 is intended to be platform independent. That means, you should be able to compile it on your favorite *NIX platform; it even compiles nicely on Windoze NT / 2K.

Commercial support

OPI3 is supported by X-Pie Software, a small developement company.

For the ones of us, who like a nice "clickable and colored" UI, there is a commercial support software package for the Macintosh and for Windoze. This software supports the OPI3 server software with an GUI. Only the GUI is commercial. And if one cares, there is commercial user support. Ask X-Pie Software.


Get OPI3 version 0.42 opi3-0.42.tar.gz. NEW
You can get the OPI3 source of version 0.23 via this link
You can get the source of version 0.1 via this link.

There are some useful scripts to compute small pictures from huge data in a file system automatically. You find them here.

You'll need convert from ImageMagick (tested with Version 5.3.1 04/01/01 Q:16 http://www.imagemagick.org/) and tiffinfo.

You may need an implementation of the Standard C++ library. The The GNU implementation seems to be not ready. But it is necessary to have an implementation of the STL. So better try STLport.